One More Root Beer Review: Sprecher Root Beer

Try a yummy Sprecher Root Beer

Earlier this week, I praised Tommyknocker Root Beer, calling it delicious, one of the best sodas I’ve tried, but somehow not a root beer. Sprecher is a classic root beer … in fact, it may be the Platonic ideal of root beer.

Taste-wise, it falls right smack between A&W and IBC … it has all the liquorice and sassafras zip you expect, with a hint of something like wintergreen and the creamy finish of good vanilla. It’s also a good step above, a likely consequence of it’s being fired brewed, whatever the heck that is. It’s absolutely one of the best plain old honest root beers I’ve tried. If IBC were made with organic ingredients and pure cane sugar, this is likely what it would taste like.

Sprecher is sweetened with corn syrup, but there is a hint of honey in the taste. The vanilla is also apparent, especially in the after taste, but no other spice or flavor is obvious. The flavors blend harmoniously. There’s a mild, spicy aftertaste that reminds me of what a vanilla wafer might taste like if it were backed with the merest tease of ginger. The bite is mild and short-lived.

Sprecher is a little more syrupy than, say, the Jones or the Tommyknocker, but it’s nowhere as cloying as you expect from corn-sweetened sodas. I’d love to try a cane sugar batch. All the same, it’s truly tasty, and quite refreshing for summer. Sprecher doesn’t just live up to the taste expectations you have for a root beer — it comes mighty close to defining them. It’s an absolute treat.

One hint: root beer should be sipped from a frosty mug if at all possible, or at least served very cold. There’s a reason for that, aside from the obvious aesthetic one. The cold blunts the sweetness ever so slightly, so that the other flavors become more apparent. Save a sip or two, and try it after it’s warmed a little. You’ll see what I mean.

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4 responses to “One More Root Beer Review: Sprecher Root Beer

  1. My favorite root beer! I first had it in Milwaukee many years ago, and I was happy to recently find that I could get it here in ATL too. The cartoon eagle on the label is a plus too.

  2. It’s terrific. Have you tried the Tommyknocker?

  3. I haven’t tried it yet. My first experience of Sprecher was on draft in a very frosty mug. Hard to beat.

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