Hard Cider Review: The Saint from Crispin Cider

Try The Saint from Crispin Cider

A few days ago, I happened to pick up a bottle of The Saint from the Crispin Cider company of Minneapolis, Minnesota. It comes in one of those large, two-pint bottles that’s just perfect for sharing. Usually, I’ll check reviews before trying something new … especially when a bottle goes for more than eight bucks. I didn’t this time. what the heck. The label promised crisp, all-natural cider with real organic maple syrup and the Belgian Trappist Yeast that’s a key ingredient in some of my very favorite ales. I took a gamble, and I’m glad I did. It was an absolute treat.

The color is hazy straw—golden and, well, natural looking, for lack of a better term. The aroma us subtle and pleasing: fruity, of course, like fresh apples and a hint of something else—pear, maybe—and the delicious, bready scent that always accompanies the . There is a light head that disappears quickly,leaving only a few bubbles and faint lacing. The mouth feel is surprisingly light with pleasant carbonation. The taste, though, that’s where the Saint excels.

The first taste is apple, of course. Tart and sweet, but the tartness isn’t puckering, and the sweetness is far from syrupy or cloying. The maple is the next taste to emerge, subtle but clearly present, and it adds to and balances the apple in a marvelous way. The Trappist yeast adds very pleasant herb and vanilla notes. It all blends in a delicious, satisfying, and all-together delicious way.

I’ve only tried the one bottle (although I am about to race back to my beloved Candler Park Market to pick up another—and maybe see what else Crispin has to offer) but I feel fairly confident in declaring this my very favorite cider—maybe even over Magner’s Irish Cider and Ace Pear. It’s delicious and refreshing, and (while I usually think of apple cider and maple to be more autumn flavors) perfect for summer. As always, please let me know what you think!

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8 responses to “Hard Cider Review: The Saint from Crispin Cider

  1. I keep seeing “Crispin Glover” rather than “Crispin Cider” in your article title. Anywhooo…I have not developed a taste for cider. But this is coming from someone who only drinks apple juice when it’s in the breakfast buffet in a hotel lobby, so I’m not the best judge. Have you reviewed “Ace Pear” (that you mention)? I am more of a pear fan than an apple fan, so I might dig that one.

  2. I haven’t reviewed the Ace Pear yet, but that’s a good idea. It’s golden and delicious, almost like a desert wine without the syrupy texture. Woodchuck makes one, too, but it’s not nearly as good … and I consider it excellent. I’ll buy you a few ciders next time you’re in town. The Crispin is the best I’ve tried, I think, but there are many worthy of a taste — especially the Magner’s Irish.

  3. Hi, John! Long time (too long) no chat.

    I now have something new to look for here! I’m not a beer fan, but I love cider. Woodchuck is easy to find and adequate (except the extremely grassy spring variety they did–yuck!), and I absolutely love Ace Pear but have had trouble finding it in our grocery stores (yay, though, for VA selling beer/cider/wine there). I would love to see you review other ciders so I can keep an eye out for them or seek them out.

  4. Oh, this is right up YOUR alley! Sweet, but not cloying, complex waves of flavor, and very refreshing. And will do. Thanks for the suggestion. Miss you!

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  7. I am trying some WLP 550 belgial ale yeast with 1 G of fresh cider… strong ferment – we shall see

  8. Sounds terrific. Let me know?

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